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Three divisions, 32 subsidiaries and more than 2,000 employees – together we create great sound at Sennheiser. The key figures below provide an overview of our company at a glance. For more in-depth information and to view our most recent annual results you may also wish to read our Annual Report.

Turnover development with professional audio solutions

in € millions / change from previous year in percent

Turnover by region

in € millions / change from previous year in percent

Number of employees

As of 31-12-2022

Employees by region

As of 31-12-2022

  €332.7m €363.3m €307.9m €371.3m €467.7m  
  +4.3 % +9.2 % -15.2 % +20.6 % +26.0 %
  2018 2019 2020 2021 2022  

With its professional audio solutions, the Sennheiser Group generated turnover of €467.7 million in fiscal year 2022. This corresponds to an increase of 26 percent or €96.4 million compared to the previous year.

AMERICAS €177.8m +41.4 % AMERICAS €177.8m +41.4 % EMEA €196.9m +15.5 % EMEA €196.9m +15.5 % APAC €93.0m +24.1 % APAC €93.0m +24.1 % GERMANY €63.6m (INCLUDED IN EMEA) +22.7 % GERMANY €63.6m (INCLUDED IN EMEA) +22.7 %

In 2022, the EMEA region continued to be the region with the highest turnover with €196.9 million. In its home market, Germany, Sennheiser generated turnover of €63.6 million. In the APAC region, Sennheiser achieved turnover of €93.0 million and in the Americas region €177.8 million. This excludes turnover from the Consumer segment.


Every day, 2,035 employees worldwide work with passion
to fulfill the wishes of our customers. Worldwide, 23 apprentices are part of our team.

  • 11%


  • 9%


  • 80%


With its 32 subsidiaries, the Sennheiser Group
is active in over 50 countries worldwide.

Annual Report

Annual Report

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Sennheiser Tax Strategy

Sennheiser Tax Strategy

Responsible action in terms of taxes requires a corresponding framework. At Sennheiser this framework is given by this tax strategy, which is adopted by our management and applies to all of the Sennheiser subsidiaries. more