Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones

Listening Experience

Introducing the newest benchmark for high-fidelity earphones to be added to the Sennheiser family. Never before has a product so compact delivered such a remarkable sound quality. Each pair of in-ear headphones is developed at our German headquarters where we use cutting-edge engineering to deliver groundbreaking acoustic performance.

»We crafted the ultimate in-ear listening experience around the modern hi-fi setup: a vast range of sources, DACs and amplifiers. With a supercharged single dynamic driver system, sophisticated acoustical energy management mechanics and a quality-first approach, the Sennheiser in-ear headphones series brings the discerning listener to a state of pure bliss, all set to explore the deepest corners of their music collection. Anywhere. Anytime.«

What sets the new Sennheiser in-ear headphones apart

The 7 mm TrueResponse transducers are the heartbeat of the Sennheiser IE series. In a discrete and small package, these dynamic drivers offer the coherent, artifact-free “Sennheiser Sound” already seen in our full-size headphones (which are up to 8 times larger). Every single transducer is produced to rigorous quality standards at our German headquarters.

What sets the new Sennheiser in-ear headphones apart

Extracting every audio detail in its purest form requires a specific approach—especially in the confines of the ear canal. Each Sennheiser audiophile IE earphone utilizes a frequency absorber system to pinpoint and remove the masking resonance peaks that would otherwise bury the very nuances you seek. Discover the IE 900 with its unique X3R technology containing three Helmholtz resonator chambers and an acoustic vortex.

»Our team of engineers sought to deliver the integrated, cohesive listening experience of a finely tuned loudspeaker or flagship headphone at a fraction of the usual size. The dynamic single transducer principle offers the opportunity to bring listeners the full-bodied sound of a complex multi-driver system without the phase complications or durability concerns. Across the range, you will experience brilliant transient retrieval, impressive dynamic range and effortless response throughout the functional range of human hearing.«

IE 300

A highly dynamic in-ear headphone

  • TrueResponse Transducer
  • Acoustic Back Volume
  • 1 Resonator Chamber

IE 900

A new benchmark for hi-fi audio quality

  • TrueResponse Transducer

Increased winding in voice coil

  • Acoustic Back Volume

With refined dampening

  • Resonator Chamber

3 chambers precision-milled into the solid aluminum housing