Sennheiser HE 1

Reshaping excellence – the Sennheiser Orpheus legend reborn

Excellence Reshaped.

In 1991 we created the best headphones in the world. We called them Orpheus. Now, we have done it again. The uncompromising philosophy remaining, this is Sennheiser HE 1. In otherworldly sound and timeless beauty. Perfectly engineered. Equipped with unique features and state-of-the-art technology these headphones transform music from something you listen to, into something you live in.

Meet Sennheiser HE 1

Beauty with a purpose

Sennheiser HE 1’ striking design marries form to function. Its amplifier sits on a housing crafted from glass, and a solid block of Carrara marble. This luxurious natural stone—the type made famous by Michelangelo’s Renaissance sculptures—lends beauty but also prevents structure-borne noise. To create a visually stunning design, control dials are painstakingly crafted to the highest quality. Each dial is milled from a single piece of brass before being plated with chrome. This is music turned into an object.

Beauty with a purpose

Precious Metals

The relentless pursuit of perfection brings with it a uniqueness. Thus, the Sennheiser HE 1 is the first electrostatic headphone with a Cool Class A MOS-FET high voltage amplifier integrated into the ear cups. Eliminating the capacitive reactance of the cable, delivering an ultra-high impulse fidelity 200% more efficient than any other solution currently available. 2.4-micrometer platinum-vaporised diaphragms are employed as their size was shown by Sennheiser’s research to deliver optimal sound reproduction. Outstanding electrical and acoustical performance is ensured through gold-vaporised ceramic transducers, while 99.9 % silver-plated OFC cables are used for optimal conductivity. To allow you to immerse in the result of all of this are Sennheiser HE 1's ear cups, precision-machined from solid aluminum, featuring handmade ear pads of finest leather and a soft, allergen-free velour/microfibre construction.

Everything but Compromises

The advantages of tube amplifiers and transistor amplifiers— with Sennheiser HE 1 you have them all. Thanks to a patent pending circuit design. Its vacuum tubes connected to the spring-loaded, damped marble housing to prevent structure-borne noise and surrounded by high quality quartz bulbs that protect against air-borne noise this state-of-the-art amplifier delivers ultra-high impulse fidelity at an ultra-low distortion level. For digital to analogue conversion, the amplifier can receive digital signals via optical and coaxial SPDIF inputs or USB input, it also accepts high-resolution PCM and DSD data. Music data is converted to analogue signals using the 8 internal DACs of the ESS SABRE ES9018. Four channels in parallel are used for each stereo side to enhance accuracy and decrease distortion and noise level.


  • Transport information for Lithium-Ion batteries
    • Transport information for Lithium-Ion batteries (570 KB) Download

      Revision Date: 2020-02-09 Revision Number: 1.0

  • Instruction Manual
    • HE 1 TUBE SET Manual (13 MB) Download

      Version 02/2018

    • Instruction manual HE 1 (26 MB) Download

      Version 09/2017

  • EU Declaration of Conformity
    • EU Declaration of Conformity HE 1 (530 KB) Download

  • Firmware Updates
    • HE 1 Updater version 1.0.8 for mac OS - with HE 1 firmware version 3.13 (230 KB) Download

      For details please read the 'Release notes' for firmware version 3.13

    • HE 1 USB Audio Software Package for Windows – Version 4.82.0_2048 – includes Firmware Version 3.13 (2.3 MB) Download

      For details please read the 'Release notes' for firmware version 3.13

  • Release Notes
    • HE 1 Firmware Update - Version 3.13 - Release Notes (150 KB) Download

  • Compliance Sheet
    • ASIO compatibility information (240 KB) Download

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